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Advisory Board

Geneva Grainger

Founder and CEO

Geneva is a highly experienced entrepreneur and inventor who has launched and expanded many successful business and inventions over the years.  She has been a speaker for the US Patent and Trademark office on inventing products and has been helping others manufacture and develop products for the past several years prior to launching That’s Genius Consulting.

She is graduate of The University of Texas at Austin and South Texas College of Law in Houston.  She now runs several successful businesses that she founded and launched on her own.  Her businesses include The Wu-Yi Tea Company, an organic tea business that is in national distribution. She started the tea company as an online business with only two tea blends.  She has now expanded the line to ten blends and travels to China to negotiate directly with tea farms to ensure fair trade practices and to choose the best possible tea leaves each season. You can now find her tea line most every major health and grocery store throughout the country.

Geneva founded and operates Fashionsita Rx, a fashion solutions business.  She invented and patented several fashion emergency products which can be found in stores across the US.  Fashionista Rx products have been seen on the Today show, Good Morning America and in countless magazines. Her popular inventions from this line include the Belt Loopy®, Heel Mates®, Hanger Loopy®, the Faux Paw® and many other original inventions.

Geneva will soon launch POPSY jewelry line, a unique jewelry collection that can hold lip glosses and solid perfumes in a hidden compartment inside the jewelry pieces.

Geneva has also invented many other products including the Time Out lock, which is a timed lock that can be used to lock yourself or someone else out of something for a period of time.

Her inventions and ventures have been recognized in the Spark of Genius column in the US Patent and Trademark office’s newsletter called the Inventor’s Eye and she has been recognized for her entrepreneurial skill by the American Bar Association.

The Rx for Entrepreneurial Success
Inventor attorney finds inspiration for her successful product lines from her own life

Geneva’s has invented, sourced and found buyers for all of her business ventures on her own. Due to her diverse history of manufacturing products she has a vast database of factories that she has worked with to get her products sourced. She has a method to getting prototypes made and products manufactured for the least amount of money and in the shortest amount of time. She knows what it takes to get a product made from scratch and make it a success through her own personal experiences. She also has a database of buyers from most every major retailer in the country due to her wide range of product inventions and recently closed a deal with Walmart for one of her product lines.

Geneva has a real passion for helping others achieve their dreams just as she has. She was a keynote speaker at the Texas Inventors Conference after been called upon by the US Patent and Trademark Office to speak about how she has developed her products on her own. She continues to help others wishing to invent products and is often asked to speak about her inventions and businesses at inventor meetings and schools. She has the tools and contacts to help others get products sourced and launched through her business experiences.  She knows what works and what doesn’t.

Andrew W. Chu

Andrew was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, where his family ran a hydroponic bean sprout farm. He was inspired by his dad, who was always building and designing new tools and gadgets to help water and tend to the crops. This inventor’s spirit lad Andrew to Rice University in Houston, Texas, and eventually to the University of Texas School of Law to become a patent attorney. He has extensive experience with individual inventors and small businesses, much like one his family owned. Andrew started practicing law in Houston in 1999, working with patented technology in medical devices and oilfield tools for an intellectual property boutique law firm. Ten years later in 2009, it was time to become a small business owner himself, and the law firm of Craft Chu PLLC was started. Having the experience of starting and owning a business has greatly increased his effectiveness and understanding of what entrepreneurs face in today’s world. It has paid off, and Andrew has been recognized as a “Rising Star” by Texas Lawyer four times (2009, 2011-2013) as a member of Craft Chu PLLC.

Andrew understands that it takes more than reading a manual and clicking buttons on a computer to make an invention into a success. He has seen dealt with a wide range of new inventions and clients and knows what it takes to get a product created and patented. He is very thorough with explaining trademark and patent options to first time inventors and he considers all avenues when discussing the best route to take for new products. He understands the passion and protective nature of inventors and does his best to educate clients on all aspects of intellectual property options so they may achieve success.

Jeremy Craft

Jeremy is a Georgia native and veteran of the Unites States Army and served in Desert Storm. He is a graduate of the University of Houston Law Center and is a co-founding member of Craft Chu PLLC, a boutique intellectual property law firm located in Houston, Texas. Jeremy specializes in brand development and enforcement for entrepreneurs primarily through trademark and copyright protection and exploitation. Understanding that consumer brand awareness drives modern business, he has advised numerous entrepreneurs and small businesses with regard to selection, registration and enforcement of their brands. Jeremy is devoted to helping small businesses create a competitive advantage in the marketplace by establishing and maintaining strong consumer awareness for their brands. Through his long history of dealing with small businesses and new inventors he knows what it takes to make products a success using intellectual property protection. He has a passion for seeing small businesses turn into multi-million dollar companies.



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Customer Products & Reviews

“I would recommend getting your product sourced through That’s Genius. Geneva and her team were able to get my prototype made and get pricing for mass production in a matter of weeks after I had been looking for months. And the pricing was much less than the quotes that I had gotten on my own. I was very satisfied and I am excited to move forward with launching my product with her team.”

“The experts at That’s Genius knew exactly how to help me design my product to make it more marketable and explained to me how and what type of patent I could file. I would have done it all wrong if I had not gone through the development process with the wonderful team at That’s Genius. I now have a product in production and a patent filed for much less money than I thought it would take. If you do not know what you are doing or where to begin with your idea, this is the place to start.”