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Product Development-

We will help you develop your idea into a product. We will meet with you one on one to go over your idea and offer our expert advice on the design and marketability of the product. We will build a prototype and tweak the product until we have a final design ready for production. Patentability of the product will be determined once the final design is decided.


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We will help you build a prototype and find a manufacturer. We will source a manufacture from our vast list of factories that we know will work hard to produce your product in the most efficient and economical way possible. We will help with all production issues that may arise. We will also help you arrange logistics to get your product to you in the most economical and safe manner. If the product is imported we will help you with this process which can be complicated to a first time importer.


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Product Launch-

We will use our expertise to get your product ready for retail so the buyers will be able to immediately make purchase orders. This will include creating all marketing and branding materials necessary to make this happen. We will also help get your product out into the market with our invaluable database of contact names including tv, magazine and other PR contacts, and most importantly actual buyer’s names.


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There are many more steps and details to this process. We have only highlighted some of the important ones. Developing a product from concept to market takes a great amount of time and dedication. Our experts will help put you on the fast track to get your product to the market while saving you an enormous amount of time and money.

Pricing: Pricing is determined by the services sought. Please call us today for a free consultation.

Confidentiality: We keep all product ideas confidential and we will sign a standard non-disclosure agreement before we discuss your product idea.



From concept to market, we can help every step of the way.

Product Development

We will help you develop your idea into a product.

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We will help you build a
prototype and find a manufacturer.

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Product Launch

We will help get your product
into the market and in front of buyers.

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Customer Products & Reviews

“I would recommend getting your product sourced through That’s Genius. Geneva and her team were able to get my prototype made and get pricing for mass production in a matter of weeks after I had been looking for months. And the pricing was much less than the quotes that I had gotten on my own. I was very satisfied and I am excited to move forward with launching my product with her team.”

“The experts at That’s Genius knew exactly how to help me design my product to make it more marketable and explained to me how and what type of patent I could file. I would have done it all wrong if I had not gone through the development process with the wonderful team at That’s Genius. I now have a product in production and a patent filed for much less money than I thought it would take. If you do not know what you are doing or where to begin with your idea, this is the place to start.”